Expert up to date legal advice is key to securing compliance with Environmental Law because issues and regulations governing environmental management and contaminated land liability to evolve rapidly. Our legal team provides specialist advice to clients seeking to avoid the risks of non-compliance and enforcement action.  We assist individual clients and businesses to understand the applicable regulations in property transactions and management.

Our specialist knowledge and advice on how environmental law impacts on landowners and occupiers is crucial to clients looking to develop and maintain effective and compliant land and property management schemes. We have particular expertise in environmental regulation applicable to farmers and agricultural practices and the requirements of the regulatory bodies that oversee land management in England and Wales. We have built up considerable knowledge and practical expertise in the application of environmental law and effective liaison with numerous regulatory bodies. We can assist you with practical advice regarding:

  • Environmental Stewardship schemes and their implementation
  • Classification Schemes and their applicability, including Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
  • Discussion and negotiation with Public Bodies, including Natural England and DEFRA
  • Environmental risk and liability within transfers of land and property and leases for landlord and tenants
  • Advising on searches and assessment of risks involved with acquiring contaminated land and advising banks and lenders taking security
  • Environmental considerations and remediation requirements in the Planning process and dealing with Local Authorities
  • Asbestos regulations and management
  • Environmental permits and Pollution Prevention and Control
  • Health and Safety legislation


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Avelina Wright

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