A cool, calm and collected approach to resolving relationship and family breakdown is proving to be an effective way of finding the best solution.

This approach is for couples who genuinely want to seek a fair solution and reduce the pain of family splits. Emotions usually run high in such situations and, in some cases, are extremely raw, causing so many more problems than they solve.

Collaborative Law works on the theory that ‘buy-in’ by all parties involved reaching a solution together is far more likely to lead to agreement and a brighter future.

What exactly is Collaborative Law? 

Usually when a relationship beaks up, a couple will each seek advice from their own specialist family lawyers to try and reach and agreement over assets and responsibilities including children. Collaborative Law provides a calm and constructive alternative. You and your former partner sit down and, with the help of your own solicitors, altogether in the same room, you work it all out face-to-face. So rather than dealing ‘through’ your solicitors, you work with them to reach the best solution.

What is the Collaborative Law route for? 

  • Divorce and resolving financial settlements
  • Pre and Post-Nuptial agreements
  • Separation of cohabiting couples, including property disputes
  • Child arrangements, both for parents and other family members
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships and financial settlements
  • Cohabitation or “living together” agreements
  • Financial settlements for children avoiding the child maintenance service

What does it need to make it work?

  • The right people with the right frame of mind
  • A genuine desire to make it work
  • A willingness to disclose fully and honestly all assets
  • Skilled and highly trained solicitors who are practised in this new collaborative way
  • An agreement that you will reach a solution without going to Court.

The Head of our Family Department, Emma Briggs, is a Resolution Accredited Specialist Collaborative Lawyer. Please contact Emma to discuss the collaborative approach.


Emma Briggs


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